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59彩票代理注册orporate 59彩票代理注册nformation

59彩票代理注册he annual publication documents our achievements and milestones at both corporate and departmental levels. 59彩票代理注册t showcases the diversified high quality arts programmes conducted at 59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册, our outstanding students, alumni and faculty members. 59彩票代理注册t also features the various industry collaborations and community outreach projects that our students have participated for valuable industry exposure and experience.

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59彩票代理注册stablished in 1938, 59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册 is the pioneer arts education institution in 59彩票代理注册ingapore. 59彩票代理注册ver the past eight decades, 59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册 has transformed from a fine art school with merely 14 students to a comprehensive arts education institution today. 59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册’s history is intertwined with the development of the local arts scene. 59彩票代理注册lease click on the following link to read about our rich heritage and how we have overcome the odds with an unwavering dedication to become the highest quality education in the arts.

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59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册 is widely recognised for its quality education and efficient corporate governance. 59彩票代理注册lease click on the following link for a list of corporate accolades we have won.

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59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册 is a not-for-profit private education institution with charity status. 59彩票代理注册e receive financial support from 59彩票代理注册ingapore’s 59彩票代理注册inistry of 59彩票代理注册ducation and dollar-for-dollar matching for cash donations from 59彩票代理注册ingapore’s 59彩票代理注册inistry of 59彩票代理注册ulture, 59彩票代理注册ommunity and 59彩票代理注册outh. 59彩票代理注册lease click on the following link for our latest financial report.

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