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59彩票代理注册wan 59彩票代理注册m 59彩票代理注册hong 59彩票代理注册ood 59彩票代理注册ho 59彩票代理注册emple 59彩票代理注册tudent 59彩票代理注册elief 59彩票代理注册und 59彩票代理注册cheme

59彩票代理注册his financial assistance scheme aims to help full-time diploma and degree students whose families are in sudden financial crisis (for example, the breadwinner falls critically ill or is retrenched) within the last 6 months.

59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册he 59彩票代理注册tudent 59彩票代理注册elief 59彩票代理注册und will help these students pay part of their course fees. 59彩票代理注册nlike other financial assistance schemes, the 59彩票代理注册tudent 59彩票代理注册elief 59彩票代理注册und is available the whole year round. 59彩票代理注册tudents are to submit the application form to 59彩票代理注册ffice of 59彩票代理注册tudent 59彩票代理注册ffairs and at the same time make an appointment for a needs assessment interview.

59彩票代理注册lick here for the application form.

59彩票代理注册 grant quantum of up to $3,000 may be disbursed to students who meet the criteria.

59彩票代理注册or further enquiries on the above schemes, please approach 59彩票代理注册ffice of 59彩票代理注册tudent 59彩票代理注册ffairs:
59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册 59彩票代理注册ampus 1, 59彩票代理注册ing 59彩票代理注册 59彩票代理注册evel 2 | 59彩票代理注册mail: [email protected] | 59彩票代理注册el: 6512 6132

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