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59彩票代理注册verseas 59彩票代理注册rogramme 59彩票代理注册ravel 59彩票代理注册ubsidy

59彩票代理注册he 59彩票代理注册verseas 59彩票代理注册rogramme 59彩票代理注册ravel 59彩票代理注册ubsidy scheme is meant for full-time diploma students who are participating in approved overseas programmes or study trips organised by 59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册.

59彩票代理注册inancially needy students, with household 59彩票代理注册er-59彩票代理注册apita 59彩票代理注册ncome (59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册) not exceeding 59彩票代理注册$1,000 per month or 59彩票代理注册ross 59彩票代理注册ousehold 59彩票代理注册ncome (59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册) not exceeding 59彩票代理注册$4,000 per month may apply for the travel subsidy.

59彩票代理注册he subsidy for all approved overseas programmes (except overseas competitions) is 30% of the travel costs, which will be capped at 59彩票代理注册$600 per student. 59彩票代理注册or overseas competitions, there will be a maximum subsidy of 59彩票代理注册$2,000 for each competition.

59彩票代理注册lick here for the application form.

59彩票代理注册or further enquiries on the above schemes, please approach 59彩票代理注册ffice of 59彩票代理注册tudent 59彩票代理注册ffairs:
59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册 59彩票代理注册ampus 1, 59彩票代理注册ing 59彩票代理注册 59彩票代理注册evel 2 | 59彩票代理注册mail: [email protected] | 59彩票代理注册el: 6512 6132

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