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59彩票代理注册erms of 59彩票代理注册se

59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册anyang 59彩票代理注册cademy of 59彩票代理注册ine 59彩票代理注册s maintains this web site as a service to its students, staff and members of the public. 59彩票代理注册e invite you to visit our site often and to browse through our pages.

59彩票代理注册anyang 59彩票代理注册cademy of 59彩票代理注册ine 59彩票代理注册s ("59彩票代理注册he 59彩票代理注册cademy") has endeavoured to ensure that the information and materials posted on this website are correct at the time of posting. 59彩票代理注册owever, the 59彩票代理注册cademy gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or the completeness of the information and materials provided here for any purpose whatsoever. 59彩票代理注册he user should independently verify the accuracy and completeness of the information and/or materials with the originating or authorizing school, department or other body.

59彩票代理注册59彩票代理注册he user acknowledges and agrees that the 59彩票代理注册cademy shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for any and/or all consequences that may be incurred by the user as a direct or indirect result of using, or the inability to use, any materials or contents on this website. 59彩票代理注册o claim for damages, actual, anticipated or consequential, economic or otherwise, will be entertained.

59彩票代理注册he user acknowledges that this web site contains information, software, photographs, audio and video clips, graphics, links and other material that are protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of 59彩票代理注册anyang 59彩票代理注册cademy of 59彩票代理注册ine 59彩票代理注册s or third parties, including but not limited to images, logos, designs, titles, music and words or phrases. 59彩票代理注册sers of the 59彩票代理注册eb 59彩票代理注册ervice wanting to use the content for commercial use must obtain prior express written permission of 59彩票代理注册anyang 59彩票代理注册cademy of 59彩票代理注册ine 59彩票代理注册s.

59彩票代理注册he user may not modify, publish, transmit, transfer or sell, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, or in any way exploit any of the content, in whole or in part, except as otherwise expressly permitted. 59彩票代理注册ontent consisting of downloadable software may not be reverse-engineered unless specifically authorized by the owner of the software's patent and or copyright.

59彩票代理注册his website may contain links to other 59彩票代理注册orld 59彩票代理注册ide 59彩票代理注册eb sites or resources operated by parties other than the 59彩票代理注册cademy. 59彩票代理注册uch links are provided as a service for the convenience of the users of this website. 59彩票代理注册s the 59彩票代理注册cademy has no control over such sites and resources, the user acknowledges and agrees that the 59彩票代理注册cademy is not responsible nor liable for any content or material on or available from such sites or resources. 59彩票代理注册n providing such links, the 59彩票代理注册cademy does not in any way, expressly or implicitly, endorse the linked sites or resources or the respective contents thereof.

59彩票代理注册anyang 59彩票代理注册cademy of 59彩票代理注册ine 59彩票代理注册s reserves the right, in its discretion, to change or modify all or any part of this 59彩票代理注册greement at any time, effective immediately upon notice published on the 59彩票代理注册eb 59彩票代理注册ervice. 59彩票代理注册our use of the 59彩票代理注册eb 59彩票代理注册ervice constitutes your binding acceptance of these terms and conditions, including any changes or modifications made by 59彩票代理注册anyang 59彩票代理注册cademy of 59彩票代理注册ine 59彩票代理注册s as permitted. 59彩票代理注册f at any time the terms and conditions of this 59彩票代理注册greement are no longer acceptable to you, you should immediately cease use of the 59彩票代理注册eb 59彩票代理注册ervice.

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